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August 16th, 2013

I used to host an internet radio show in Gainesville--and since I've moved away I've missed doing that very much. Podcasting on your own turns out to be much harder than working with all the great equipment and coworkers at GrowRadio. So, I ask for your patience and hope for your interest in hearing me try to resume something that gives me great joy--compiling songs and stories. Let me know what you think, what works, what could be worked on. It's a demo-heavy setlist from all over the last half-century and as Paul Westerberg says, it "rocks like murder."

Track Listing:

  1. Introductions and Congratulations
  2. Bob Dylan & the Band - Banks of the Royal Canal (aka The Auld Triangle) (The Genuine Basement Tapes, Vol. 5) 1967
  3. Silkworm - The Old You (Italian Platinum) 2002
  4. Darkbuster (Lenny Lashley) - Cheap Wine (22 Songs That You'll Never Want to Hear Again) 1999
  5. Bob Seger - Fire Lake (Against the Wind) 1980
  6. Talk about the Eagles
  7. The Silver Jews - Self-Ignition (Living Bridge Comp.) 2008
  8. Patsy Cline - Strange (Sentimentally Yours) 1961
  9. Gun Outfit - Another Human Being (Hard Coming Down) 2013
  10. Filthy Liars - Shot in the Dark (HFX Demo) 2013
  11. The Haints (Kepi Ghoulie) - Battle of Wounded Heart (Battle of Wounded Heart) 2007
  12. Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves - Never Have Time (Canyons) 2012
  13. Talk about LA Guns
  14. The Gun Club - Texas Serenade (Miami) 1982
  15. The Veronica Cartwrights - Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt (Broken Keys Comp.) 1997
  16. Bobby Charles - I Hope (The Jewel And Paula Recordings 1964-1965)
  17. Tony Flaminio - Bad Luck Song (The Grim Repair) 2012
  18. Animal City - Red Ice Cream, pt. 1 (Red Ice Cream) 2010
  19. Spider Bags - Waking Up Drunk (A Celebration of Hunger) 2007
  20. Talk about eating out hearts
  21. The Deadly Snakes - Oh, Lord, My Heart (Porcella) 2005
  22. Gravel - Yesterday (Yesterday 7") 1991
  23. Crooked Fingers (Eric Bachmann) - New Drink for the Old Drunk (Crooked Fingers) 2000
  24. Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance - The Poacher - (Anymore for Anymore) 1974
  25. Franz Nicolay - Talk to Him in Shallow Water (Winter Demos) 2013
  26. Talk about the Crutchfield Takeover
  27. King Everything (Katie Crutchfield) - Now and Then (Demo II) 2009
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May 3rd, 2013

I always get excited each time the songs for a podcast start to come together.  I can't really explain the process but it often involves find a few new songs and a few older, less expected, songs that seem to go together and then go from there.  There is a lot more new music in this podcast in comparison to most of my other episodes.  I guess this happened because there has been a SHIT TON of great new music being released.  Go find some and make a purchase or two.  Everything else you need to know is contained within the episode, so go listen.  And as always, your listening means the world to me.

Track Listing

01. Talking about what matters
02. Deacon Lunchbox - Loweena, Urban Redneck Queen (Bubbapalooza Vol. 1)
03. John Moreland - Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore (In The Throes)
04. Brown Bird - The Messenger (Fits Of Reason)
05. Conor Oberst - I Don't Want To Die In The Hospital (Conor Oberst)
06. Me talking about bad concerts
07. Cave Singers - Early Moon (Naomi)
08. Dorado - Ape Of Dorado (Anger Hunger Love And The Fear Of Death)
09. Descendents - Bikeage (Somery)
10. Tyler Keith And The Apostles - Kid Twist (Black Highway)
11. Me talking about my dad in a strip club
12. Redneck GReese Delux - Mama Was A Dancer At The Clermont Lounge (Bubbapalooza Vol.1)
13. The Henry Girls And The Fox Hunt - Dig A Little Deeper (Mountains To The Ocean)
14. Dubl Handi - Single Girls (Up Like The Clouds)
15. Mother Merey And The Black Dirt - Old Rope (Down To The River)
16. Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil - At Midnight (Catch The Presidents)
17. Me talking about guitar solos and songs
18. Johnny Cash w/Merle Haggard - I'm Leaving Now (American III: Solitary Man)
19. Fistful Of Beard - Daddy's (Until We Know Better)
20. Hollis Brown - Ride On The Train (Ride On The Train)
21. The Hold Steady - Sequestered In Memphis (Stay Positive)
22. Me talking about a band you'll probably never hear anywhere else
23. The Diggers - She's Breaking My Heart (While I'm Drinking Her Beer) (Bubbapalooza Vol.1)

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March 21st, 2013

Man. I wish I had time to type out some stories but I've barely got time to shit, shower and shave before heading back to work. I really went into this month's show with no plan and came out with, what I think, is a really rad show. There is a good mix between new and old, loud and louder and a cool cover of Faster Pussycat's "House Of Pain." So Imma shut up and you should press play:

Track Listing:

01. The Eagles - Outlaw Man (Desparado)
02. Set Break
03. Fistful of Beard - 5th Ave. (Until We Know Better)
04. Clutch - Earth Rocker (Earth Rocker)
05. Two Cow Garage - My Great Gatsby (Sweet Saint Me)
06. Arliss Nancy - Failure (Simple Machines)
07. Set Break
08. Lincoln Durham - Prodigal Son (upcoming album)
09. JKutchma & The Five Fifths - I'll Survive (Pastorals)
10. The Heavy Horses - The Pale Rider (Murder Ballads & Other Love Stories)
11. Set Break
12. The White Buffalo - House Of Pain (West of Memphis - Voices For Justice OST)
13. Scott H. Biram - Long Fingernail (Graveyard Shift)
14. The Builders and The Butchers - All Away (Dead Reckoning)
15. Set Break
16. The Black Diamond Heavies - Poor Brown Sugar (Every Damn Time)
17. American Relay - Bonedry (Corn & Oil) 18. Left Lane Cruiser - Amy's In The Kitchen (Bring Yo' Ass To The Table) 19. The Owsley Brothers - Hot Mess (Cobalt) 20. Set Break 21. The Murder City Devils - Rum To Whiskey (In Name and Blood)

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February 7th, 2013

It's the early part of the year and the new releases haven't been rolling in yet. There are several on my list and hopefully several on yours. So while we wait for the new goodies this podcast feature a lot of looks back. Some songs a year or two and others even more. I hope you enjoy.

Track Listing: talking about playing cards and bottle caps 02.Cat Power - Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (I'm Not There) 03.Two Cow Garage - Alphabet City (The Wall Against Our Back) 04.The Glands - I Can See My House From Here (The Glands) 05.Uncle Tupelo - Give Back The Key To My Heart (Anodyne) talking about Thriller 07.The Bottle Rockets - Welfare Music (The Brooklyn Side) 08.Larry & His Flask - Closed Doors (Daytrotter Session) 09.Southern Bitch - Sand Mountain (EP) 10.Myrnabirds - What We Gained In The Fire We Lost In The Flood (WWLITFWGITF) 11.The Pollies - Song For Carter (Where The Lies Begin) talking about wrastlin' 13.Joey Kneiser - St. Christopher (Moonlight For The Graveyard Heart) 14.Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - When The Other Foot Drops - Uncle (100 days,100 nights) 15.Lucero - Hey Darlin' Do You Gamble? (1372 Overland Park) 16.Lucinda Williams - Concrete And Barbed Wire (Car Wheels On A Gravel Road) talking about bands that don't exist any more. 18.The Star Room Boys - Was There Something In Her Eye? (Why Do Lonely Men And Women Try To Break Each Other's Heart) 19.Paul Westerberg - Silent Film Star (Mono) 20.Kelly Kneiser - Alone At Night (Kelly Kneiser) saying goodbye 22.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Stagger Lee (Murder Ballads)

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January 5th, 2013

The rules are that every last podcast of the year (this show was created in December) is always a recap show. Some rules are breakable, others, such as the last podcast of the year, are not. Thusly, this show is some of my favorite songs of the year as they fit into the overall mix. Which is a form of saying, this isn’t a countdown or a list. I pulled a shit fuck of songs and set out making this podcast paying much attention to the overall flow of things. That said, every album that found a song on this podcast is completely awesome and you should be firing up Spotify and Bandcamp and whatever other means you employ to check each of them out.

In closing I’d like to say thank you for sticking with us/me this year. There were many times I thought just closing up shop and walking away from the site was the best thing to do. It’s been a tough year and while I’ve not completely abandoned those thoughts, I am increasingly happy we limped through the dark times.

With that said, enjoy episode 31 of the podcast.

Track Listing: [Artist - Song (Album)]

01. Alone At 3AM - Another Round (Midwest Mess)
02. Fistful of Beard - 5th Ave. (Until We Know Better)
03. Arliss Nancy - Failure (Simple Machines)
04. Those Crosstown Rivals - Kentucky Woman (TCR/Arliss Nancy Split 7")
05. JKutchma & The Five Fifths - I'll Survive (Pastorals)
06. The White Buffallo - The Whistler (The Whistler Single)
07. The Mastersons - You Don't Know (Birds Fly South)
08. The Great Unknowns - Homefront (Homefront)
09. McDougall - Ready, Begin (A Few Towns More)
10. Chris Knight - Nothing On Me (Little Victories)
11. The First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar (The Lion's Roar)
12. American Aquarium - Burn.Flicker.Die (Burn.Flicker.Die)
13. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Righteous, Ragged Songs (There Is A Bomb In Gilead)
14. Snakehealers - Easy Young, Easy Old (Cure All)
15. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil - She Has Her Moments (Catching The Presidents)
16. OFF! - Feelings Were Meant To Be Hurt (OFF!)

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December 4th, 2012

I tried three times to write an introduction for this podcast.  I wanted to write one of those introductions where you never say anything about what follows.  I tried to write about my dog and how he crowds my feet even when he has a rare opportunity to play in a yard off a leash.  I tried to write about how winter and snow has arrived here in Colorado and I tried to go make fifty bucks cleaning out a woman's gutters but the gutters were frozen so I drove home.  But none of these ideas worked.  So here are the songs.

  1. Me setting the scene
  2. Slobberbone- Some New Town, ETYTWRWWT
  3. Steve Earle- Guitar Town, Guitar Town
  4. McDougall- A Few Towns More, A Few Towns More
  5. The Fox Hunt- We Know This Town/Lord, We Get High, Nowhere Bound
  6. Me talking about the appeal of Henry Rollins
  7. Chad Price- Peachy Tuscadero, Smile Sweet Face
  8. Don Chambers- Werewolf Moon, Back In The Woods
  9. Otis Gibbs- Damn Me, Grandpa Walked A Picket Line
  10. William Elliot Whitmore- Not Feeling Any Pain, Field Songs
  11. Me talking about not being social
  12. Drivin’N’Cryin- Fly Me Courageous, Fly Me Courageous
  13. 4H Royalty- Fall Off The Face Of The World With Me, Where UFOs Go To Die
  14. John Fullbright- Satan And St. Paul, From The Ground Up
  15. The Evening Rig- Day Drinkin’, Nothing To Hear Here
  16. Iris Dement- The Night I Learned How Not To Pray, Sing The Delta
  17. Me listing songs played and to be played
  18. Andrew Combs- Why Oh Why, Worried Man
  19. Neko Case- Soulful Shade Of Blue, The Tigers Have Spoken
  20. MinuteMen- My Heart And The Real World, Double Nickels On The Dime
  21. Some Dark Holler- Sweet Red Wine, Hollow Chest
  22. Spirit Family Reunion- I’ll Find A Way, No Seperation
  23. Me talking about commercials
  24. The Bellrays- Sister Disaster, The Red, White & Black
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October 19th, 2012

Woot! It was nice to get back to the podcast. Mad props to Charles for keeping it active and awesome the past two months. So awesome, in fact, we’re gonna start alternating months so you’ll hear him again in November. Like I was saying though, I am naturally a night person so I find actual enjoyment in staying up till 3:00 in the morning making these on Friday nights and after 2 months off, I had plenty of music to pick from.

I tried to keep the podcast from being a facsimile of the radio show and I think I did an okay job of it. There are still some similarities but come on. New Snakehealers, American Aquarium and new-slash-old Frank Turner demand they be played and I just found the Allen Thompson Band and local kids The Black Roses are in heavy rotation in my car so it should be no surprise they’re starting to creep into all my musical products.

Scattered amongst all that is a double scoop of awesome ready to make sweet sweet love to your ear drums. Give it a chance. I think you’ll like it.

Here is the tracklisting and as Otis Gibbs says, thanks for giving a damn.

01. Sunday Valley - I Don't Mind (To The Wind And On To Heaven)
02. Frank Turner - The Road (Last Minutes & Lost Evenings)
03. Chuck Ragan - Nomad By Fate (Covering Ground)
04. McDougall - 18 Days Of Rain (Our New Histories)
05. Snakehealers - Easy Young Easy Old (Cure All)
06. Two Cow Garage - No Shame (Three)
07. American Aquarium - Burn.Flicker.Die (Burn.Flicker.Die)
08. Allen Thompson Band - Everybody Knows (Salvation In The Ground)
09. JKutchma & The Five Fifths - Used To Believe (Pastorals)
10. Joe Pug - Not So Sure (Messenger)
11. Tim Barry - '222' (Manchester)
12. The Black Roses - Her Love Stops Atom Bombs (self-titled)
13. The Owsley Brothers - Hot Mess (Cobalt)
14. James Leg & Left Lane Cruiser - Shake It (Painkillers)
15. Kasey Anderson - Some Depression (unreleased)

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August 31st, 2012

If I've been anything this year when it comes to the podcast it's been inconsistent. Luckily, my fellow writers have stepped up to help me out with the podcast. So, here is an hour as curated by Charles Hale once again. Hope y'all like it as much as I do. ~ Autopsy IV

"Let me tell you. When you open a podcast with Otis Redding you know we ain't fucking around. Nothing more needs to be said. Stop reading. Press Play."

Track Listing:

01. (the part where I introduce things)
02. Otis Redding - Shake (The Otis Redding Story)
03. The Low Anthem - Champion Angel (Oh My God, Charlie Darwin)
04. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Choctaw Summer (Daytrotter Session)
05. Alabama Shakes - Hang Loose (Boys and Girls)
06. Solomon Burke - Millionaire (Nashville)
07. (the part where I tell you there's lots of music to get to)
08. Glossary - Under A Barking Moon (Long Live All Of Us)
09. Gillian Welch - Six White Horses (Harrow and the Harvest)
10. Justin Townes Earle - Memphis In The Rain (Nothing's Going To.........)
11. Jason Isbell - Hurricanes & Hand Grenades (Sirens Of The Ditch)
12. Lauderdale - Dressed Like The Devil (Moving On)
13. Betty LaVette - Before The Money Came (Scene Of The Crime)
14. (the part where I talk about shit balls in your face)
15. J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Caroline (Self Titled)
16. My Morning Jacket - Easy Morning Rebel (It Still Moves)
17. Patterson Hood - Come Back Little Star (Heat Lighting Rumbles In The Distance)
18. The Only Sons - Helping Hand (When The New Wears Off)
19. Willie Nelson - Uncloudy Day (Best of Willie Nelson)

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July 27th, 2012

If I've been anything this year when it comes to the podcast it's been inconsistent. Luckily, my fellow writers have stepped up to help me out with the podcast. So, here is an hour as curated by Charles Hale. Lemme tell y'all. It sounds like nothing I would have put together but I've listened to it 3 times already. Hope y'all like it as much as I do. ~ Autopsy IV

Hey, bet you didn't see this coming.

The podcast is back, and back about a month after Episode 26.  Autopsy IV graciously accepted my offer to put this thing together and I could not have been more thrilled.  Years and years ago I was a college radio DJ and damn if it wasn't the best job ever.  There wasn't a dollar of pay but I'd loved it.  I've got no voice for radio but I hope you dig the songs I've strung together.

In this episode we've got some older stuff; Steve Earle, Eddie Hinton, & RL Burnside and some brand new and unreleased tracks from American Aquarium and Truckstop Darlin'.  We've got stuff we've written about recently and things we'll be writing about soon.  And we've got a great song from a guy I found two days before putting the podcast together.  He goes by Wolfcryer and if you're a fan of McDougall then I think you're going to dig it.

Play this shit loud.

Track Listing:

01.Commentary 02.The District Attorneys - I Can’t Make The Distance, You’ll Have To Meet Me Halfway - Slowburner 03.The Coloradas - Our Disguises - Self Titled 04.Corey Branan - Jericho - Mutt 05.Wolfcryer - Fell On Down - Self Titled 06.Commentary 07.Eddie Hinton - Letters From Mississippi - Letters From Mississippi 08.RL Burnside - Goin Down South - Ass Pocket Full Of Whiskey 09.Jack White - Sixteen Saltines - Blunderbuss 10.Dinero - Concealed Weapons and Open Containers - Sheep 11.Commentary 12.Spirit Family Reunion - I Am Following The Sound - No Seperation 13.Steve Earle - A Gringo’s Tale - The Revolution Starts Now 14.American Aquarium - Abe Lincoln - Burn.Flicker.Die 15.Drag The River - Amazing G - It’s Crazy 16.Truckstop Darlin’ - Southern Ghosts - Hope And The Heart It Breaks 17.Lucero - Chain Link Fence - Tennessee 18.Commentary 19.Taj Mahal - She Caught The Katy - In Progress & In Motion 20.Lindsay Fuller - Everything I Ever Had - You Anniversary 21.Langhorne Slim & The Law - Past Lives - The Way We Move

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June 22nd, 2012

Holy shit. Like Poltergeist 2: we’re baaaaaack.

For now.

I cover it in the show, but I apologize for the massive break between shows. For the time being, I can’t say there won’t be another multi-month gap between shows and it’s gonna be that way for the remainder of 2012. It sucks, but sometimes real life takes hold. That said, I did make a show and that’s why you’re here, so let’s talk about that...

I have a show for y’all this time around that hits all the bases. Sometimes it rocks, sometimes it’s mellow. Sometimes it’s brand new, sometimes it’s.....well, it’s always pretty new. Some of the highlights on what is a show stacked with awesome are: McDougall, The Great Unknowns, Alone At 3AM, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, and Sturgill Simpson & The High Top Mountain Boys.

All that’s left is to press play on this motherfucker. So what are you waiting on? As always, if you like what you’re hearing on these podcasts, tell your friends about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it. These bands are all pretty small so every new ear their music finds counts, and you can directly assist them in that effort by telling people about this podcast and others like it.

Track Listing: [Artist - Song - Album]

01. McDougall - Ready, Begin - A Few Towns More
02. Tim Barry - Thing Of The Past - 28th & Stonewall
03. Autopsy IV Commentary
04. Elway - Dear Colorado - Hence My Optimism EP
05. Alone At 3AM - Another Round - Midwest Mess
06. I Can Lick Any SOB In The House - Bad Days Ahead - The Sounds Of Dying
07. Autopsy IV Commentary
08. The Great Unknowns - Dead River, Lake County - Homefront
09. First Aid Kit - The Lions Roar - The Lions Roar
10. The Mastersons - You Don't Know - Birds Fly South
11. Autopsy IV Commentary
12. The Mynabirds - Generals - Generals
13. River Giant - Pink Flamingos - River Giant
14. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Righteous, Ragged Songs - There Is A Bomb In Gilead
15. Autopsy IV Commentary
16. Sturgill Simpson & The High Top Mountain Boys (Sunday Valley) - I Don't Mind - To The Wind And On To Heaven
17. Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven - AM Country Heaven
18. Marley's Ghost - Hank and Audrey - Jubilee
19. Autopsy IV Commentary
20. OFF! - Feelings Were Meant To Be Hurt - OFF!

Listen Now: