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March 21st, 2013

Man. I wish I had time to type out some stories but I've barely got time to shit, shower and shave before heading back to work. I really went into this month's show with no plan and came out with, what I think, is a really rad show. There is a good mix between new and old, loud and louder and a cool cover of Faster Pussycat's "House Of Pain." So Imma shut up and you should press play:

Track Listing:

01. The Eagles - Outlaw Man (Desparado)
02. Set Break
03. Fistful of Beard - 5th Ave. (Until We Know Better)
04. Clutch - Earth Rocker (Earth Rocker)
05. Two Cow Garage - My Great Gatsby (Sweet Saint Me)
06. Arliss Nancy - Failure (Simple Machines)
07. Set Break
08. Lincoln Durham - Prodigal Son (upcoming album)
09. JKutchma & The Five Fifths - I'll Survive (Pastorals)
10. The Heavy Horses - The Pale Rider (Murder Ballads & Other Love Stories)
11. Set Break
12. The White Buffalo - House Of Pain (West of Memphis - Voices For Justice OST)
13. Scott H. Biram - Long Fingernail (Graveyard Shift)
14. The Builders and The Butchers - All Away (Dead Reckoning)
15. Set Break
16. The Black Diamond Heavies - Poor Brown Sugar (Every Damn Time)
17. American Relay - Bonedry (Corn & Oil) 18. Left Lane Cruiser - Amy's In The Kitchen (Bring Yo' Ass To The Table) 19. The Owsley Brothers - Hot Mess (Cobalt) 20. Set Break 21. The Murder City Devils - Rum To Whiskey (In Name and Blood)

Listen Now: