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December 4th, 2012

I tried three times to write an introduction for this podcast.  I wanted to write one of those introductions where you never say anything about what follows.  I tried to write about my dog and how he crowds my feet even when he has a rare opportunity to play in a yard off a leash.  I tried to write about how winter and snow has arrived here in Colorado and I tried to go make fifty bucks cleaning out a woman's gutters but the gutters were frozen so I drove home.  But none of these ideas worked.  So here are the songs.

  1. Me setting the scene
  2. Slobberbone- Some New Town, ETYTWRWWT
  3. Steve Earle- Guitar Town, Guitar Town
  4. McDougall- A Few Towns More, A Few Towns More
  5. The Fox Hunt- We Know This Town/Lord, We Get High, Nowhere Bound
  6. Me talking about the appeal of Henry Rollins
  7. Chad Price- Peachy Tuscadero, Smile Sweet Face
  8. Don Chambers- Werewolf Moon, Back In The Woods
  9. Otis Gibbs- Damn Me, Grandpa Walked A Picket Line
  10. William Elliot Whitmore- Not Feeling Any Pain, Field Songs
  11. Me talking about not being social
  12. Drivin’N’Cryin- Fly Me Courageous, Fly Me Courageous
  13. 4H Royalty- Fall Off The Face Of The World With Me, Where UFOs Go To Die
  14. John Fullbright- Satan And St. Paul, From The Ground Up
  15. The Evening Rig- Day Drinkin’, Nothing To Hear Here
  16. Iris Dement- The Night I Learned How Not To Pray, Sing The Delta
  17. Me listing songs played and to be played
  18. Andrew Combs- Why Oh Why, Worried Man
  19. Neko Case- Soulful Shade Of Blue, The Tigers Have Spoken
  20. MinuteMen- My Heart And The Real World, Double Nickels On The Dime
  21. Some Dark Holler- Sweet Red Wine, Hollow Chest
  22. Spirit Family Reunion- I’ll Find A Way, No Seperation
  23. Me talking about commercials
  24. The Bellrays- Sister Disaster, The Red, White & Black
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